Really, we just enjoy and believe in what we do...

We are more passionate than ever. With the world in a bit of a shambles and your lives flipped, it needs to be your priority to stay (or get) healthy.  

Our community is YOUR best bet. 

A healthy body contributes to a healthy brain. A healthy brain contributes to healthy relationships. These are the things that matter.


I have never had the all round strength and fitness that I have now. Many of my annoying injuries have disappeared and I am the strongest I have ever been - at age 46. The programming and training is fantastic, the support unwavering and the community

Ty W.

Today I did it!!! I wore shorts to the gym for the first time EVER!! Thanks to Flo and Jase and CrossFit Salt Shed for creating such an amazing community where I can feel comfortable just being me.

Kirra H.

I couldn’t recommend CrossFit Saltshed enough, Jase and Flo have created a fun and friendly environment. The workouts are scaled for everyone’s abilities. While they take their coaching seriously there is always plenty of laughter and encouragement.

Adam D.