Salt Shed Corporate Club is 30 minute high intensity classes during lunch time for locals working in the Warriewood area.

Our class start with a quick warm up, then we get straight into the workout so you get the most out of your time in the gym. Quality over quantity. With varied classes each day, mixing it up with strength, conditioning and a mix of both you can get a great workout in, have a shower, eat lunch and be back at your desk in an hour.


You don’t need to spend 60+ minutes in the gym to get an effective and challenging workout and see changes, it’s all comes down to the intensity you bring to the workout.

Take your lunch break and just turn up, we provide everything else.



More energy and alertness

Improves mental health

Boost creativity and focus

New way to network

No more squeezing in the gym before work and then rushing home to get ready and have breakfast, or leaving work and losing your evening to the gym. Now you can use the time before or after work to do what you want, like spend more time with your family, take that short course you've always wanted to do or cook amazing breakfasts and dinners.


Monday to Friday 12pm and 12:30pm